Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Future Eps

So, I guess we'll go good news first. Life has sort of worked itself out for me and I should be able to get back to TLCing things again, so yes we will be releasing the as of yet unreleased eps. Also good news, I would like to do something this season as well(but not a 2 cour) and klaxa seems to be game.

Bad news: forks is MIA for the foreseeable future. We're hoping he comes back eventually, but don't count on it. Unfortunately this means we are now without an editor, which means we can't really release anything until we get someone to do the editing. Also bad news, if we do get an editor, whatever we would start this season would take precedence over Monogatari. We'd likely shoot to have it all done by the midpoint of the season at the latest, but life happens so you can never be sure.

So that's y'alls Christmas present. Now find us a damn editor for ours.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Monogatari Series S2 17v2

I've made a huge mistake.

In well held up tradition I fucked up once again. The only changes I applied to the script were the typesetting bits and I completely forgot to merge the edited script. Totally my fault again I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to do all that during the night. Fuck I'm so sorry albel and forks, I don't know what to say.

DaBear Note: Note how I don't get an apology despite QCing this. I see how it is klaxa, I see how it is.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Monogatari Series S2 17

We still live apparently.

Holy fuckballs it has been how long since a release? Over a fucking month. God damn university is fucking killing me. Well sorry for the delays, I guess? This Episode had a fuckton of editing and TLC (DaBear didn't do jack shit so far though) and *some* typesetting. I skipped like three scenes though because otherwise I would be either dead or the episode might have never seen the internet. I will see what I can do for the batch, for now please bear with it. As far as I remember episode 18 is a lot of storytelling and should be out in less than a month™.

DaBear section: Shit, you knew I had lost interest. Took me 3 days to work up the motivation to fucking QC. I blame klaxa. As always.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Monogatari releases to be delayed

I never asked for this.

Hello, if you were following our blog, you should have noticed releases have been a lot slower recently. There are several reasons for this. The biggest ones being real life and loss of interest.
It's been a short ride (about 4 or 5 months) and I don't know where we are heading right now exactly. Klownzie probably found the right words to describe the journey until now:

<Klownzie> the problem is that you guys picked the show for all the wrong reasons
<Klownzie> overall its surpring it went that well for that long

as well as DaBear's comment on it:

<DaBear> the biggest probelem was starting with a 2cour show
<DaBear> its hard to make a 6 month commitment to being able to work on something

and mine, too:

<klaxa> maybe with taking on monogatari we bit off more than we could chew

It surely has been fun so far, but it really gets harder every damn week. To put into perspective why things are falling apart on my end:
When we started subbing Monogatari back in June, it was just forks and me. I got him on board, because I knew him and he is a native English speaker and therefore could help me out with all the complicated grammar stuff. The only reason was to provide a proper alternative to Commie (I hope they don't feel offended by this). Soon thereafter DaBear joined and did TLC and stuff went on in a good direction. Lectures still hadn't started and I could just power through the weekends and pull all-nighters as much as I wanted. And that's probably what I'm lacking now: time. My studies are demanding large parts of my available time and I am not able to schedule it the way I would like to.

DaBear section:
The biggest thing for me has been lack of interest. To me, this season has been rather dull. I loved Bakemonogatari, Nise was fun(plus dat Karen), Neko was meh, and I had hopes for this one. At first I actually looked forward to working on this(note: this is how you're supposed to feel about working on a show), but gradually it just got dull and became a chore to do. Albel is working on it now in my stead, but its going at a much slower pace, so don't expect things in any sort of time frame. In the mean time, go buy a 3DS and join the Pokemanz masterrace.

Not enough hands for this cat. -forks
Back to klaxa:
However, this does not mean we drop this show. By all means we (read: I) want to continue releasing. With one TLC losing interest and me suddenly having a real life, it's going to take significantly longer, though. Reading the comments and our IRC, there seems to be a demand by at least, like, three people(DaBear note: that means like one shitposter, but same thing <3). That's enough for me to think it's worth doing it. We also plan on polishing up the scripts for the batch and adding the recaps. There are no plans for BD releases as of now.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monogatari Series S2 15

Easily one of the best shows this season.

Yay I get to write a release post! DaBear hasn't sniped me this week, so I get the honor to leave a few words. This week's episode is pretty damn late and there are several reasons for it which I cannot possibly list all. Two of them definitely are HS releasing late as fuck and the fuckton of great editing and TLC forks and the Siberian Ice Queen did respectively. Another one is lectures starting for me and a lot of other shit going on. We will most likely not be able to keep up the pace we had at the beginning because of both of these things, however the quality of the script should be heavily improved by this.

DaBear Edit: I knew I should have made the post earlier, damn klaxa being productive. Anywho, here's a quick Q&A to help answer a couple questions.

Q: Where's Ep 17?
A: On its way. Should be out Saturday, but since we're not used to working on shit in this timeframe, don't count that as set in stone. Either way, it should be out by the end of the weekend at the absolute latest.

Q: Will Ep 18 be on time(aka the 12-14 time frame)?
A: Hopefully™. Depends on HS schedule and how bad the script is this week(note: daisuki has gotten progressively worse). Theoretically, if all things go as I would expect them(delays from HS, moderately annoying script, some minor shenanigans here and there) Monday should be the release date. That said, as a Meteorology major, you know how reliable us weather peoples' predictions are.

Q: Should I buy a 3DS and Pokemon X/Y?
A: Yes, yes you should. Go do it. Now. I may or may not own both and be on my second playthrough(this time in english). I intended to play through my second time as the boy character, but holy shit does the girl make me HNNNNGGGGG with that fist pump after winning battles. 10/10 would adopt.

Q: Are you completely wrong on those first two?
A: It would seem so:
<klaxa> yes, episode 18 on monday?
<klaxa> ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
<klaxa> episode 17 by the end of this weekend?
<klaxa> WA HA HA ξ・∀・ξ MAH DRILLS

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Whats going on with Ep 15

>Implying you won't play as the girl just for the based ZR

Blame HS and their lack of doing shit on time. Something tells me they'll release 15 and 16 simultaneously, which means we'll do something similar. If they release 16 but no 15 by say....Monday, I'll go ahead and start a full damn TL of 15 and make our Siberian Ice Queen super TLC it. Other than that, sorry about the wait, but there ain't much we can do.

<DaBear> so uh
<DaBear> HS ever release?
<forks> DaBear:
<forks> 01:50:53 Klownzie | all right guys
<forks> 01:50:58 Klownzie | i talk to the people at horriblesubs
<forks> 01:51:02 Klownzie | talked
<forks> 01:51:26 Klownzie | "... he has midterms this monday so both episodes should be released on mon-wed"
<DaBear> ah
<DaBear> kk
<Klownzie> they have to rip monogatari manually
<Klownzie> and do everything themselves
<Klownzie> so expect delays every week

So thats that. Also, add me on pokemanz if you have it faggots. 3625-9128-9539

Monday, October 7, 2013

Monogatari Series S2 14

Yozakura Quartet a fun and Ao and adorable. This may or may not be an attempt at getting interest in people doing the other parts(read non TLC parts) so we can do this, because I'm gonna lose it if I have to see "youkai" translated as anything other than "spirit", or even translated at all.

Anywho, the Siberian Ice Queen did the overwhelming majority of the TLC this week(read:basically all) so I got a week off. <3 SIQ, even if we did almost give him an anyeurysm.

And for those not on IRC:
<klaxa> >DaBear says it's 1 am
<klaxa> >DaBear in weird timezone
<klaxa> >Germany Masterrace reporting in
<DaBear> >germans
<DaBear> >masterrace
<DaBear> you remember what happened the last time y'all claimed to be masterrace?
<DaBear> you tried to kill all jews
<klaxa> we almost made it
<klaxa> no no no
<klaxa> we tried to make jews legendary
<klaxa> because if there are only a few jews, those few are legendary
<DaBear> ...
<klaxa> we wanted to make jews super special and rare

<klaxa> oh shi- i forgot :x i might delay things *again* next week D:
<klaxa> sunday i'm not home, my grandmother's birthday
<klaxa> i can take my computer with me though
<klaxa> monday, o-phase at KIT, i'll be either unavailable or drunk
<klaxa> i hope shaft isn't too hard on the typesetting so i can do it somewhat... timely